Reflexology is the practice of massaging and applying pressure to key reflex points on the feet with the goal of improving health to the part of the body that is linked to that area on the foot. Reflexology is non-invasive and has many healing benefits.

Reflexology in Red Deer Alberta

Harmonious Healing offers Reflexology treatements in Red Deer Alberta.

Massage Therapy

Rejuvenate your body with reflexology. It's natural, non-invasive, healing benefits involve applying pressure to reflex points on the feet that correspond to specific parts of the body. Reflexology is an art and science that provides a non invasive stress relieving therapy which helps to detoxify, relieve pain, reduce stress, increase relaxation and improves glandular and organ function. Suitable for all ages groups, it's and ideal way to relax, de-stress and help the body rebalance itself.

Did you know...   Foot tip:
Reflexology The average person walks over 185,000 KM in their life time.
Reflexology Protect your feet from hot and cold. Wear shoes at the beach or on hot pavement.

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