Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is a variation of typical massage therapy. Typically the movements and motions are similar to classic massage therapy however the the pressure is concentrated on the points causing tension and pain. Deep Tissue Massage is especially useful and effective in treating chronicically tense and contracted areas such as lower back tightness, sore shoulders, and stiff necks. Deep tissue massage therapy focuses on realigning the deeper layers of connective tissue and muscle.

Deep tissue massage works by breaking down adhesions to relieve pain or discomfort and helps restore normal movement. Adhesions are bands of painful rigid tissue that form in muscles, tendons, and ligaments when there is an injury or when there is chronic muscle tension. These adhesions can block circulation which causes pain, inflammation and limited movement.

Deep Tissue Massage Red Deer Alberta

Massage Therapy
Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Deep Tissues Massage is a therapeutic massage using firm precise, medium to deep pressure to address tension problems in the deepr muscle layers. Excellent remedy for headaches, neck, shoulder or lower back pain or for those who simply enjoy a firmer massage.

Health Fact:   Why deep tissue?
Deep Tissue Massage When muscles are stressed they block oxygen and nutrients to the cells which may result in a build up of toxins.
Deep Tissue Massage Deep tissue massage unsticks the fibers of a muscel while releasing tension. It is corrective and therapeutic.

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